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It was a bright and sunny Tuesday morning. Helen got out of the state General Hospital building with a sigh. Her "night duty" had just ended and she was tired. The night had been hectic as the patients she was assigned to just refused to respond to treatment. She had always loathed night shifts. Not only because it deprived her of sleep;but it also left her tired and drained. Especially nights when her patients do not even allow her to take a brief nap. As a staff Nurse however,she knew she had no choice.
       When she was younger,she had had so much zeal and enthusiasm. She loved the Nursing profession. She had put all her  strength and mind in her career and now at 24;she was a young,qualified Nurse.
       That morning,there was just one thought on her mind as she was walking towards the gate of the S.G.H. she thought of a very good sleep;away from the cries and screams of attention from patients. She was so anxious to get home that she did not even go to the children ward to see her friend,Kate who was on morning duty.
     When she reached the main road, she found a convenient spot to stand and waited for a taxi to come along. She was so sleepy that she had trouble keeping her eyes open. Shaking herself up,she looked up and down the road but no taxi was coming. What's happening?she wondered. If only motor bikes ply this road, she would be on her way home now. She looked up the road and so a woman coming towards her direction. When the woman came nearer,she noticed she was sweating. She proceeded to ask the woman a question but the woman was the first to speak
  " Aunty Nurse, are you waiting for a taxi"
  "Yes,Helen repelied. Please would you know what happened to them?
    " I have been waiting for some minutes  too before someone told me one of the taxi drivers died. So the cab drivers won't be working today.I'm going to the market,guess I will have too trek"
      Having concluded her explanation, the woman continued her walk and Helen stared after her. No Taxi!  How was she supposed to get home now.
    As she stood there, still contemplating on what to do, she looked up and saw a car approaching.It was a private one,Lexus 330 model and reddish in colour. She raised her hand to wave but her reserved nature made her drop her hand. The car however slowed down and parked a few yards from her. Helen looked at it and stayed where she was. The car reversed and the driver;a young man piker his head out if the side window.
    " Hello!where are you going?"he asked
  Helen thought for a while. As a rule she never takes lifts except from know people. Not this!from a total stranger,but the thought of trekking.....
    " Suurulere" she replied.
   " Will you mind if I give you a lift"
   " Not at all" Helen replied. She wasn't feeling easy at all.
       Dotun,for that was the young man's name opened the door and Helen got in and sat down
  "So! What's the name?"He asked while the cat sped on.
  "Helen" she replier after a pause. She had no wish to get personal with this mab at all. Dotun seemed to have sensed this for he laughed and said
    " Are you scared of telling a man your name "his voice was teasing.
   Helen smiled and looked at him. She noticed for the first time that he was handsome. Still she said nothing
  "  I'm Dotun Makinde. I live here and I work here. Do you work at the General Hospital?" He asked looking at her white uniform
   "Yes!" Helen replied and cocontinued staring at the road.
   "Helen", Dotun continued,drawling the name as if he had never heard of it. " Are you from these parts?"
   "Helen! Helen what? He finally asked.
   " Helen  Roberts"  she was almost snapping. She wisher he would just keep quiet. Already she was beginning to blame herself for accepting a lift from him. "Oh God please let him just take me to suurulere safely" She prayed silently.
    Dotun on his part was happy. He was happy that he had decided to drive himself that morning. His driver had hone to deliver w message to his aunt and he did not bother to wait for him because he hated being late to office. If he had waited he could have missed Helen whom he was now admiring greatly. Somehow,he knew he wanted to see her again. He wanted to know more about her but Helen's expressionless face told him she did not wish to answer any questions or converse. That'll sound ti suggestive to either play it cool,he thought. Her white uniform leaves no doubt she works at the Hospital,but which department. The General hospital was a big one and he couldn't imagine himself inquiring in department after department asking of one Helen Roberts. He thought of it for a while and finally decided to try another approach.
     " It seems I've seen you somewhere around the children department. Do you work there "he asked in a casual voice.
    It was a shot in the dark but Helen fell for it. Children ward!..she repeated to herself and looked at Dotun. He didn't look familiar ,but its possible he had seen her.
" No. I don't work there,though I go there often.I work at the Female traumalogy ward.
      Helen leaped into silence after her reply until they got to suurulere. Suurulere was a quiet part of the city. Most of the houses there were either magnificent ones fenced all round or blocks of flat. Where she had a three bedroom flat which she shared with her friend,Kate,was a big house of six flats. It was a two storey building and she lived on the second junction. The house was along the road and she could have allowed Dotun drop her right in front of her house but she thought it unwise. So when they got ti a junction, she told him,she'll love to drop.
       Dotun parked the car and gave Helen a business card which the latter simply dropped in her handbag. He watched her get down and walk down the junction. He didn't want her ti look back and catch him staring,so he started his car and began ti go,smiling as he did so. He knew he'll be seeing her again.
To be continued.......

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