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Episode 2

      I was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth,meaning I lacked nothing.My parents provided for everything i needed.My dad(may his soul rest in peace)was a police officer,my mum was a full house wife.  I went to the best private primary and secondary school in Akure.I then proceeded to Police Training School,Iperu-Remo.It was there I met Bayo,who later became the love of my life.I loved Bayo and we got married three years later. I was 22 years old then, initially our marriage was rosy, Bayo showered me with care,but as years went by, I could not conceive.Exactly four years later, Bayo got someone else pregnant. I felt betrayed,I was shattered,broken and depressed. i thought my life had come to an end,for weeks i was down, but managed to get myself back.
     I asked for a divorce,which Bayo granted immediately, at the time I got married, I was in the patrol squad,but i went on 2 years study leave, to obtain a degree in Criminology and Psychology. I returned and changed my department to the police criminal Investigation department, and since then my life had known no sorrow.
     I was stunned by the sound I heard. Only God knows how long I had sat in the car,or how long Hassan had been tapping on the door,because I was so engrossed in my own thoughts. I wound down the glass and stared at Hassan.
     'For crying out loud,what are you thinking about. I saw you when you entered the car and I thought you wanted to go out but I noticed you didn't move. So I came closer just to ask you about some things only to discover you were thinking'Hassan said.
        'Oh!, Hassan there you go wrong, I wasn't thinking,i was only reminiscing. I was on my way home, anyways thanks for checking on me,we would discuss better tomorrow ' I said as I turned on the car ignition and drove off.

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