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          The atmosphere of Femidaba Hotel looked cool as we drove in.The hotel was a very big one,an exquiste one.We parked and stepped down.
          ''So how are we going about it'..Hassan said.
           ''Well,I will go see the manager.You just wait till when I call you''I said as I walked into the building trying to search out the manager's office.
           I found the manager and I introduced myself to him ''I am Inspector Simi from A division.I'm investigating the case of one miss Ejiro Tega. She worked here before her disappearance.
         Yes!that light skinned girl''the manger said.She was the best dancer here,though she was here for only three weeks. She had no friends,nobody called on her when she was here,she was alone.
      '' Have you any idea why she could have disappeared.After all according to you,she was doing well.' I queried
      '' Its possible she wanted a change..the manager said shutting his eyes at me.After all she seems to be a professional dancer,maybe she got a bigger job''
       Good,but what about her things,her things were still here after she left so it isn't possible she left this place  in that manner I said.....She was scheduled to have a show that night,wasn't she.
     ''she was.She was set to be on stage,she was dressing up in the dressing room.And when I went there to call her up on stage,she was no where in view.It was surprising because I was there with her and 2 other girls some 10 minutes before the show,those girls performed before her that was why we left her in the dressing room.We searched for her but we couldn't find her.
     ''hmmm, but is it possible she could have left without being least your security level is very tight....I questioned.
     ''Yes,our security is tight,but the guards on duty claimed not to have seen her.''he answered shaking his head.
  '' Ok,How many exits does the dressing room have''
  ''Two doors,one leading to the hall and one leading to the lobby which leads to the backyard.
   ''So its possible she could have gone through the backyard,as that is the only exit.But she couldn't have gone through the backyard without been seen. I would like to see all the people on duty that day''
 ''Well one of them has left.Mr Ibukun Ade the guard on the main exit.He left three days after the incidence.

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