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                                                           MAY 10,2016

         I was sitting down in my car,parked at A division waiting patiently for Hassan.To say the truth,I was getting impatient.I looked at my wristwatch,it was 8:30am and yet Hassan was no where in view.I picked up my phone and dialed Hassan's number,the number was switched off.It wasn't in my character to remind people of appointments and Hassan of all people knows that.He even knows the importance I attach to time and timing so why the hell is he delaying me,I foamed and fussed.
       At exactly 8:52am I saw Hassan walking towards my car,I came down from the car and our eyes met.''Hassan,what the hell is this,you of all people should know if there is anything I hate,it is waiting for people,I hate it with passion'' I said as I shouted and shook my head. ''You disappointed me,I even expect you to be here before me.
      I'm sorry Ma,Hassan said.Nina is terribly ill,she started vomiting and stooling this morning,I had to rush her to the hospital. I'm sorry boss,it wasn't my intention to keep you waiting,he said  with plea in his eyes.
     I closed my mouth and felt ashamed of myself.Here was I scolding him not knowing the reason why he came late.Hassan is a widower with 9 year old girl,his daughter was sick,..if I ever had a daughter will I leaver her side.
'look here,Hassan,I'm sorry for talking to you like that,see I was ...............'my voice trailed off
   ''No,its okay.You are doing your job.lets move''. He said as he opened the door to the driver's seat,he requested for the car key and i gave it to him
We drove off to Femidaba Hotel,which was situated at Oke Ijebu,Akure.   So I'm working on this case,its about a young girl,Ejiro who disappeared on the night she was to have a show,I told Hassan.
   ''Disappear!that's absurd,she could have ran away,kidnapped or so many reason'' said  Hassan.
 ''Anyway disappeared is the right word to use now.Who knows if she ran away or was kidnapped.That's what I'm going to find out.She worked as a dancer in Femidaba Hotel,so we gonna storm in on them and ask questions''..I said confidently.

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