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     I picked up my phone and made a phone call through to Hassan ''come over to the basement''I said.Three minutes later Hassan walked into the basement.
    ''So what did you find ma'' Hassan asked.
    ''Well this story is starting to intrest me,one of the guards disappeared three days after the incidence'
  ''Thats your man,imagine why should he leave after the incidence...''Hassan intoned.
   Anyway that's by the way we are still going to interrogate some other people the guard,the barman and other let's move.
***   *************    *****   *****
    "You claimed not to have left your post,there's no way you couldn't have seen the girl.." I said to Adu who looked scornfully at me...
  "Madam,I beg you!na the only job wey I get be this. I no wan loose am. Na true say I be no leave my post,I no commot for the gate.
   " or did you sleep?"I said 
   "Madam,who no dey sleep,e be get one time wet I sleep but e no reach 10minute self because motor dey ho in and out. Madam I no lie o"...Adu said
    'Your colleague, Ibukun Ade left work 3 days after the incidence.What do you see to that." Hassan asked.
    "Ibukun! Ibukun!  E son tey wet he don't dey complain of this work,say him go find better work. So I no kno if he don't get beta job. the work son tire am'" Adu explained.
    "But don't you think it's too sudden,he left 3 days after the incidence" I queried
       "I no no that one o wetin I no be say this work don't tire am before that girl even disappear.'
     " what do you know about this girl' I asked further.
    "See this police people set,wetin I wan know. Person dey inside I dey outside wetin I wan know.
    " OK thanks,Mr Adu. We will still call on you later.

    *****        ********     ******
   'Simi is the name and this is my assistant,Hassan,from police headquarters and we will like to ask some questions.
     I am kade.
    " How well do you know miss Ejiro Tega,one of your dancers"  I said
    ''Inspector,I can't say I really know her but she came down to the bar a couple of times to have a drink. We talked on those occasions, she appears to be the quiet type,though she had a worried look. She never told me about herself but told me a lot of things about dancing. That's all I can say about her.
    " OK.. "

        *********      ******** *******     *****
     "She doesn't talk to anybody. She has this aura of a proud girl. She carries herself like the best dancer in the world. Actually,one could tell that she has been doing this job for years based on the way she dances.But that doesn't mean she should be a snub" Tara said. She just fortunate she started her career before us"
             ********    *******      ****** *******
     I sighed......."its been a hectic day I said to Hassan.

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