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      The ride from 'A division' Akure to Oke-aro was  not supposed to take more than 15 minutes but I was stuck in traffic jam.I smiled and my mind  went back to Hassan,who was my assistant.We had worked together for many years now,although i did majority of the work,I handled the case and only gave him instructions on what to do.He is very caring and I love his disposition towards work.
        The road safety officer passed us,and at last i can now enjoy ride to my home now. I passed through old garage where I bought some fruits and then sojourned home.
       I got to my gate and hooted so many times on the car horn.........''Oh God!this Adamu must have  slept again;I swear I will sack this gatekeeper''    As if he(Adamu) heard what I said,the gate flew open.I drove into the house,got down from my car and headed towards my room.

      Inside my room I had just freshened up.I sat down on my bed,brought out my oranges and devoured them.I tossed my bag upside down,and brought out the file the Dpo gave me.I sat,resting m,y back on the wall and looked through the file titled  '' Ejiro Tega''. I read through it,nothing much was written about her except that she was a 23year old girl who work as a dancer at Femidaba hotel for a period of 2 weeks and she disappeared on one of the nights she was to have a show(April25)....    my! My!...that was three weeks ago,why are they just giving me this case.
        '' Dead case''...............  I cursed in my spirit.Nothing much is known about the girl.I picked up my phone and sent a text message to Hassan.
               ''Hi Hassan,I've got a case to crack and i need you to be ready
                and prepare your mind for work.We are starting investigation
               tomorrow by 8am .I will give you the details tomorrow.Goodnight''
   I dropped the phone,said my prayers and prepared myself to sleep.I switched off the light. As I pulled my cover cloth over my body,my phone beeped.I picked up the phone,it was a message from Hassan and it read thus:
       ''Yes,Ma'am,the ever agile and hardworking boss.Your wish is always
        my command.Good night sweetie,cute boss of life.''
 There was no doubt Hassan wanted me in his life,but i had told him categorically that it is just work relationship that will ever happen between us.
    I drifted off to sleep.

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